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The Gurdjieff Society of Australia

Life is real only then, when I am.






Central Coast

New Zealand

May 2016

Our groups are active throughout Australia and New Zealand, and we have regular contacts and guidance from senior members of the main centres of the Gurdjieff Work in London and New York.

Together we explore the ideas and methods of the G.I. Gurdjieff tradition and what their practice means and needs in today's world. We do so through regular group meetings, practical activities, movements (dance) and meditation:

> group meetings study ways to free ourselves from the fixed mechanisms of our habitual nature. By awakening a living attention, our daily activities can become infused with awareness;

> practical exercises and activities open the prospect of a continuing self-observation: the unfolding ability to "know thyself";

> movements classes place particular demands on a broader attention which, supported by music and rhythm, stretches and strengthens our capacity and understanding;

> meditation leads to inner quiet, it deepens our relationship with a new way of being and opens the possibility of a connection with higher forces.

With the support of others, we strive to live responsible lives and fulfil our potential (and obligation) as human beings.

We welcome your interest. Please use the links on the left to find out more about a group near you.

Each centre has an introductory group and enquiries are welcome at any time.

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